Keep Calm and S’mores On! Come to the campfire(s), roast some marshmallows and make a S’more.  Pool provides S’mores supplies.  Adults must supervise your children near the fire(s).  Volunteers needed to supervise roasting.  

Attention all barbecue enthusiasts and Dads!  On Father’s Day, we plan on opening the gates at 8:00 a.m. for those who want to bring in their smokers and start early.  No competition – maybe next season – just a chance to relax poolside and do Dad things!  Because no guards will be on duty and […]

What’s better than smoking meat on Father’s Day?!?!  CORNHOLE! Bring your boards, please!  Prizes for the winners of the double elimination tournament!  

Come join us for a Friday evening happy hour of yoga on the basketball courts taught by the talented professionals from Bel Air’s own Love Evolution studio!  Please bring your own mats!  Members only at no cost.

The Sweet Greek Grill will be setting up and ready to serve by 4:00ish and will hang around so long as there is interest. Check out The Sweet Greek Grill at Their Event menu differs from their full carryout menu.