Membership Information

ANNUAL DUES: Annual dues for the FGSC are $500 and payments can be made as follows:

Option #1
$250 submitted online by January 15th.
$250 submitted online by March 1st.

If balance is NOT submitted by March 1st, your membership will automatically be inactive for the 2018 season.

Option #2
$500 submitted online by February 1st.

All payments submitted after February 1st is subject to an automatic $100 late fee. NO exceptions.

Option #3
$600 submitted online by March 2nd. This includes an automatic $100 late fee. All payments submitted after March 2nd will be subject to membership termination from FGSC.

As always, the indicated due dates are FINAL, and there will be no exceptions. We will send an e-mail reminder after the holidays regarding the January 15th and 31st deadlines.

NEW MEMBER INFORMATION: Membership at the FGSC is limited to 525 families. Each prospective member must submit to the FGSC Membership Director the on-line membership application, and a $35 application fee. New FGSC Memberships are offered each year based upon the resignation of existing members. New members are required to pay $965 in their first year: $500 for the annual fee plus a $465 a non-refundable capital maintenance bond less a $35 credit from the previously paid application fee.

QUESTIONS: If you have any questions regarding ANNUAL DUES or NEW MEMBER INFORMATION, please feel free to contact us –