Pool Hours

Pool open 4pm – 8pm on weekdays until the county schools close. Afterwards, the pool hours are:

  • Monday-Thursday, 12pm-9pm
  • Friday 12pm-10pm
  • Saturday 11am-10pm
  • Sunday 11am-9pm

Pool subject to closing due to inclement weather.

Guests are welcome all days except major holidays (Opening night, Memorial Day, July 4th, and Labor Day). Memorial Day and Labor Day, pool opens at 11am. July 4th, normal week hours.

Pavilion Rentals & Large Groups/Parties:

Pavilion rentals are available for Members Only throughout the entire season. Any Member reserving a pavilion is required to be present during their event. There will be a one (1) day preseason sign-up for pavilions, the date and time for this will be posted on the website calendar. After this date, pavilion rentals must be made in person during normal pool hours.  The hosting member is responsible for reminding their guests that FGSC is a Non-Smoking Facility and that No Glass (serving platters, bottles, storage containers, etc…) is allowed.

On the following Holidays: Opening Night; Memorial Day; July 4th; and Labor Day the pool is open to Members Only. If you plan on renting a pavilion on any of these days, you cannot bring guests to the pool.

Pricing & Times: Payment must be rendered in full at the time of the reservation:

  • Half Day – $25 (AM ½ Day = Open – 4PM; PM ½ Day = 5PM – Close)
  • Full Day – $50 (Open – Close)

There is also a $5 fee per non-member guest. Guest fee payments will be due as guests arrive (if guests are paying their own admission) or at the conclusion of the event (if the Member is paying for all guests). Additionally, each guest is required to know the pool rules before swimming.

Large Group/Parties:  A Large Group/Party consists of 75+ non-member guests being invited. In these cases, the Member is required to rent two (2) pavilions and the $5 fee for each non-member guest still applies. Guest fee payments will be due as guests arrive (if guests are paying their own admission) or at the conclusion of the event (if the Member is paying for all guests). A $100 service charge will also be required for all large groups, and this charge will be collected at the end of the event.

  • Any group/party consisting of 125+ non-member guests needs to seek manager and BOD approval.
  • If approved by management and the BOD, a group/party consisting of 125+ non-members will be charged a $250 service fee on top of the pavilion rentals and $5 per guest fee.
  • If a member holds a party with over 125+ non-members and did not get prior approval for their group/party, their membership shall be suspended for up to one (1) week and they will be required to pay a $300 service fee.
  • Groups/Parties consisting of 175+ non-members will not be permitted.

Pavilion rental refund policy: Pavilion rental fees will only be refunded If the pool is closed due to severe inclement weather. Refunds will not be given under any other circumstances.

Special Fees

Special fees are given to babysitters and day care children. Please send a written request to the Board of Directors:

P.O. Box 661, Bel Air, Maryland 21014.

Guest Passes

Early registration dates for guest passes are to be announced. Guest passes may be purchased during the regular pool season.


Per guest without a guest pass – $8.00

Per guest when a pavilion is rented – $5.00

Guest passes are ONLY to be presented by members with the guests accompanying them. Guest passes will not be honored if the member is not present.